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طاقم الإدارة
our topic today is about


you can write everything down
if you want to be brave enough to write every one of
your goals down but im gonna tell you so life's gonna hit your mouth
and you gotta do me a huge favor
your why has to be greater to be than that knocked out
and i'd love it Buster Douglas got knocked out nobody
ever got knocked out by Mike Tyson and and ever back up it was almost
10-count he has stumbling they were 4 3 2 1
ding ding ding say by the bail he
goes to his corner the whole world is like a pest once
he comes back out that's it
Mike's gone just patty Murray and exactly that MIke Tyson came out
like i got him got this kill up against the role listen to me
any of you wight now lights got you up against the wall you can't give up
you can't give it a listen to me if it was easy everybody would do it
and of life's got you backed up i need to do with Western doctors did Austin
Douglas start fighting back the world was shockes Goliath has been knocked out what
happened and it was the Boston understand
what the fovernment simply like what happened
but the doctors said listen to me it's real simple before my mother died she told
the whole world loves will be Mike Tyson and two days before the fight my mother died
Buster Douglas hat he had a decision to make
but his mother died he could die with his mother or later
decision i can wake up and i can live for mom
and he nok Mike Tyson out simply
because it is why was playing in that bunch is
why what's better than to be his
wife was planted in his child and his
tribulation and i'm telling you
if you don't know what your why is and your why
is this strong you will got knocked out every single day